Good News Today For A Better Tomorrow

News today has become the stuff of nightmares.  In my travels around the world, I have been priveledged to see many things and meet extraordinary people.  In writing about these journeys, I found a common theme that differentiates success from failure and gain from loss.  Our focus.

There are many success stories about those who percisted in the face of trying times.  Inventors who tried one more time than they failed until they came up with a solution.  The really successful view the trials as Achieving Discovery, rather than failure to achieve.  I took a hard look at what kind of message was being sent by the News Media of our day and found it to be by in large the message of failure, loss and catastrophy.  

People seem to be drawn to this messaging which of course provides readership and viewership, which in turn creates revenue for big networks, but what is it doing for the readers and viewers?  Taking a lesson from the successful people and businesses that I have worked with. I believe that if we reported the news from a different perspective, i.e. what we can learn from what is happening and what people are doing that works, you the viewer may recieve significant benefit both experiencially and in the acquisition of knowledge that you can apply to your own situations.  I found some friends who also believed and we started
Good News, For A Change.